Yoshua Bengio
463 days ago
Deep Learning Frameworks
During the mid-80s, Yoshua Bengio began his research in neural networks. This became the gateway to his career in artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning (DL). In his presentation, Yoshua takes us through the evolution of DL: How it started in supervised learning, its progression from speech recognition to computer vision, till it reached human level processing and where we can expect it to go from here. At its core, of AI needs knowledge. Early models of AI failed as human knowledge, such as intuition, is implicit. DL was born as a way to let machines help intelligent decisions on its own. Empowered by increasing computational power and improved algorithms, DL and deep neural networks has advanced rapidly speech recognition, computer vision and natural language processing and visual question answering.

This presentation took place at RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit in Boston, May 2016
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