Patrick Bradley
19 days ago
50 Memory Champion Techniques and Tricks: Excel in School, Work & Social Life and Save Time
Want to excel in school, work and social life without wasting many unproductive hours and adding more stress to your life?

50 Memory Champion Techniques and Tricks will show you proven step-by-step techniques used by world’s memory experts and delicious recipes you can prepare in 5 minutes to boost your brain power.

Inside this book you will discover:
•50 secret techniques used by top students and leaders to help you instantly recall anything at will, achieve laser sharp focus and master languages fast.
•5 minutes recipes and cheat sheet of top brain foods that will equip your mind to tap into your unlimited brain potential and excel in school, work and social life.
•8 “healthy foods” and 5 “common habits” you must stop in order to learn fast and save time.
•Little known brain techniques that will double your reading speed, remember ideas without jotting down and empower senior citizens to live a golden richer life.
•And much much more!

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