69 days ago
Brand Development for Creatives
It’s a common problem among photographers: they set their prices too low to make ends meet, but they don’t want to raise their prices because they’re worried about scaring off clients. Photographer and educator Tomayia Colvin will help you calculate the true value of your skills and talents so you can price your services appropriately and keep your business afloat.
In this class, you’ll learn how to:

Conquer your fears about charging what you’re worth.
Figure out your business costs and what you need to make a profit.
Create a price list and market your services to new and existing clients.


You’re not doing anyone any favors by not charging enough for your work, because no one gains if you put yourself out of business. This course will give you the confidence you need to recognize your worth, ask for what you deserve, and create a thriving company. 
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