222 days ago
The Professional Photographer’s Digital Workflow with Michael Clark
Setting up a practical and efficient workflow with your photography feels like a daunting part of your business. Internationally recognized photographer Michael Clark introduces you to techniques to allow you more time to shoot the images you want. His workflow philosophy is that you must first know how you are going to edit the image in post production to know how you need to shoot it.

In this class Michael teaches:

Best practices for a shooting workflow from setting up your camera to histograms and exposure
How to clean the sensor on your DSLR camera 
Color management workflow including your work environment and monitor calibration
An overview of Lightroom® and multiple ways to speed up your workflow including file folder and batch naming as well as metadata and archival processes
Techniques to finalizing your images in Photoshop® with basic adjustments and retouching
Making fine art prints, choosing your printer, paper, understanding ICC profiles, and much more!

Michael covers everything you need to know in order to streamline your post production workflow in Lightroom® and Photoshop® and best practices for printing your art at home. Digital photography is far more complicated than shooting film ever was. Knowing the best practices for a digital workflow will make you a better photographer.
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